Talk Rehab

Talk Rehab Bookings Paused Until August 2024

Dear all,

From September 2023, Claire is taking a year-long sabbatical to cycle round the world with her husband, starting in Japan.

Claire will return to the UK in August 2024 and will be happy to receive enquiries at that time for Talk Rehab Speech and Language Therapy.

Thank you to all Talk Rehab patients for working so hard towards their recovery, and for being so positive and generous about Claire's venture.

From Claire

Talk Rehab is a speech and language therapy service, working in the Bristol, Bath and South Wales area, dedicated to improving communication and specialising in working with people with aphasia - a communication problem, which occurs when parts of the brain that contain language are damaged.
We also work with people who have difficulties with thinking (cognition) and making speech clear.

Photo reproduced with permission from Richard at Airnimal bikes.