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In person
As a provider of essential health services, Talk Rehab continues to offer one-on-one services in a safe, airy separate annexe. I can also travel to see you and will conduct a risk assessment prior to each visit. 

Talk Rehab has provided online assessments and consultations throughout 2020 and 2021 with positive results. Recently, many patients have chosen to move their face-to-face sessions online. We use our patients' preferred choice of communication platform such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp etc.

Working with you to make your conversations as successful and meaningful as possible

Communicating well with others is an essential part of everyday life. If you have difficulty talking, understanding, reading or writing then relationships, roles and activities can be challenging and frustrating.

Talk Rehab is a speech and language therapy service, working in the Bristol, Bath and South Wales area, dedicated to improving communication and specialising in working with people with aphasia – a communication problem, which occurs when parts of the brain that contain language are damaged. We also work with people who have difficulties with thinking (cognition) and making speech clear. Research shows that aphasia rehabilitation needs to be intensive and tailored to make the best recovery.

At Talk Rehab, we are committed to providing this level of care. We use teaching and practise strategies to improve speech and language problems, offer education and support to you and your family to have better conversations, suggest computer-based options to improve communication and help you connect with other people with aphasia, through local choirs, conversation groups and support organisations.

Talk Rehab can provide therapy within your home or at a local Bristol clinic.  We also provide sessions over the internet.

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What to Expect

I will chat to you or your family to see if I am the right therapist for you.

If you are already seeing an NHS therapist, that's fine.  We can work together.

We decide what is most important for you (your goals) and work on these areas together.  We will try to re-learn these skills. We may look at ways to get around the problem and also include your family and friends if that is what you want. We will always practise what you have learnt in real situations, if possible.

About Claire


Passionate about speech and language recovery for people with neurological injury

Claire Crew-Gee BA (Hons), MRCSLT, MHCPC

Claire graduated from the University of Reading UK in 1989 with BA (Hons) in Linguistics and Language Pathology. She has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for over 20 years, helping a wide range of clients, including deaf children, adults with cochlear implants and adults with intellectual disability. She began working with adults with traumatic brain injury in Hamilton, New Zealand, in 2006 and decided immediately to specialise in neurological recovery and rehabilitation. She has extensive experience and training in client-centred rehabilitation and is passionate about maximising speech and language recovery for people with neurological injury.


"Claire is a knowledgeable and experienced speech therapist, whose excellent communication skills facilitate effective relationships with client, family, care team and other therapy personnel alike. She is skilled in identifying risks and barriers in order to be able to set and achieve appropriate client-focused goals."  Julie Sheard, Case Manager, December 2021

"Claire has loads of experience dealing with speech-language issues, and it shows! She is professional but friendly. I had an initial assessment and 5 sessions with Claire. She sorted my hesitation and 'erm' filler gaps in my speech. Also, my family noticed a difference in my speech afterwards. I highly recommend Claire!"  Andy, who had a stroke, October 2021

“You’ve definitely represented something/someone wonderful for Dad - consistent, expert, enthusiastic, kind, focused, with lovely energy. Your presence in Dad’s life is a very positive thing. My Aunt emailed me to say ‘I continue to be so impressed with Claire’. So you/your work gets one massive fat thumbs up from our family!” Louise, whose Dad had a stroke, January 2021

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for Tom’s session he had with you yesterday. He was so pleased and energised by it and kept saying how good it was! It was obviously challenging too. It’s so good to see him like this as much of his other social/creative stuff is on hold because of lock-down.Tom's wife, June 2020

"In 2018 my daughter Jess contracted a virus that led to encephalitis. She has made a great recovery but isn't quite yet back up to speed. The cerebral atrophy that she has been left with affects her ability to speak. She suffers from breathlessness and finds it hard to put the intonation into her speech.

After getting to the end of her NHS therapy, we were delighted to find Claire who demonstrated immediate understanding of the situation and has developed a programme that is having tangible results. Jess finds her time with Claire is not just helping her to improve her speech, but also increasing her confidence.

Claire has gone the extra mile with Jess's treatment and has come up with some excellent thoughtful suggestions. She has been a "breath of fresh air" for Jess. The ability to conduct therapy sessions via the internet is an added bonus for a busy young Mum. Thank you Claire for helping us in our quest to get Jess back to her old self."  Tom, Jess's Dad, November 2019

"Working with you has been an essential part of my rehabilitation. Your positivity and curiosity has meant a lot, without ever being precious. If it didn't work, an exercise would be quickly swapped out to coax me away from any unhelpful rabbit-holes. Thank you, Claire!"  Bruno, October 2019

"I have had a stroke and have great difficulty to retain to speak, until I met Claire, things changed dramatically. She teaches how to pronounce the words ‘til now' and helps me use sentences to communicate. Thanks for her special sessions to help me to regain my confidence and to focus on the future." Alice, October 2018

"Earlier this year I suffered a stroke which mainly affected my speech. Since then Claire has been visiting my home to address this serious problem. It has undoubtedly helped me make great improvements, both to my ability to talk and indeed read and write again. She does it with great patience and understanding and it is always a pleasure to welcome her into my home. Highly recommended."  Mimi, September 2018

"I feel more at ease now when engaging in conversation...I have had a successful outcome in a short period of time."  Mike, May 2017

"Great central location. Very informative and practical sessions! I have received great benefit and improvement from these sessions."  Tim, March 2016


Transparent and competitive fees agreed in advance

Initial assessment:

£140 (1-1½ hours)

Includes case history, formal/informal assessments and brief summary report.

Subsequent sessions/Review appointments:

£90 (1 hour)

Remote/Online sessions:

£90 (1 hour)

Additional services:

Full reports are charged at £90.

If home visits are required outside the local area, there is an extra charge for mileage and time. For Bristol clinic sessions there is no extra charge.

Payment is currently by cash, or online transfer. You will be provided with an invoice and/or receipt.

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